Specializing in Legal Firms

Support Law Offices in Raleigh TriangleInterested in finding solid PC support for your law office? Finding a solid pc computer repair company to call when YOU have your own problems is important. Knowing that they’ll be available, knowing that they can be there quickly, and knowing that they can handle your problem whatever it is – that’s what you need.

We know you use a lot of specialized software. Amicus, Abacus, SoftPro – we’ve worked with these packages and more. We work with standard office software such as Microsoft Office, antivirus applications including Symantec, AVG, Avast, and many others. Adobe applications including Acrobat are almost always a necessity in law. Setting up Quickbooks, Peachtree Accounting and more. While we are NOT a replacement for your accountant’s advice in these kinds of applications, we can make these run beautifully for you either locally or via a server type setup from a software perspective.


Is your practice currently backing all those machines up? Are you getting local backups on a regular basis and even more importantly, are you making sure those same records and data pieces are being stashed someplace off-site? We’re amazed by the offices we visit that do have local backups going on – but what happens when something locally devastating happens? Here in North Carolina, we’re often faced with tornadoes and hurricanes. That local backup won’t do you much good if it’s 10 miles down the road carried off by a tornado.
We can setup very safe and secure off-site cloud backups for your office in just one visit. Ensuring that you can open up shop anytime anyplace and have all your data available to you is serious peace of mind.

Small Office Network Management

Have a growing office? Started off as just a solo operation and it’s getting bigger? Let Lizardwebs provide your growing business a well laid out network plan. From running cable to setting up your general network devices including routers, switches, patch panels and more, we know what you’re going to need and can help you get it right the first time.

Integrate wireless with your network? Or do you need to provide guest access for your clients? We can help you get your wireless network up with protected internal access and guest access for those clients that you want to be able to access the internet while they’re waiting or meeting with you.

Trusted Computer Service since 1997

Lizardwebs Computer Services has been providing computer repairs in the Raleigh Triangle area for over 17 years. If there’s a situation that can occur in your setup, we bet we’ve seen it before. We’ve worked with everything from server meltdowns and RAID issues to something localized like “My computer won’t come on.” Troubleshooting software problems, cleaning up network problems, setting up email services and even handling website creation and management.

We are fully insured and happy to sign your standard non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in order to provide you worry-free service quickly.

Lizardwebs has the computer experience and knowledge you can trust.