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While we provide a certain level of optimization with each of our professional websites, we do work with outside agencies like https://www.lizardwebs.net/ to provide even more search engine optimizations. However, one of the first things that anyone needs to do with the website is to ensure that the on-site aspects are up to snuff.


First of all, making certain that your website actually includes the words / key words you want to be located FOR. Yes. It occurs. Believe it or not. Or using industry vernacular out there looking for it in a search engine which means nothing.
Names and Tags

Exactly what the heck IS the name tag you Search Engine Optimization people always talk about??? Perhaps you have looked to the very top of your browser whatever flavor you decide to determine what it says? In the tabs or at the top of the browser application window that is actual? When you have ZERO clue what I’m talking about here’s a quick pointer.

This is an important thing to keep an eye on. Can you use a CMS such as WordPress? If so, this really is likely already taken care of for you to some degree, although not usually to the level that you would like for Search Engine Optimization purposes.
Site Content

You actually do not need to be a genius to compose some decent web site copy. It doesn’t need to be an agonized-over, checked and rechecked Shakespeare piece that takes hours and hours. It surely doesn’t. It only needs to be something unique and, ideally, applicable. If we find that you want to rate for let’s say, plumbing, and you insist on filling up your website using the newest accomplishments of your daughter at school, we have trouble. Or when you have your website chock full of, dare we say it, drivel about everything but what your internet site is DESIGNED to be about, we have trouble. The single thing that may make that even worse is to tell your SEO man that the content must remain AS it is because YOU want it. Yes, like previously, we have found this happen. We don’t work on sites with those kinds of limitations.

Search Engine Optimization Site Structures That Work

Occasionally websites are found by us all kinds of twisted around. Where they may be profiting from a good legitimate parent/child relationship within their page construction, they sometimes are scattered and don’t actually help the other pages. What?? The engine page should be BELOW the vehicle page for those who own a page about autos then. As well as the piston page should go beneath the ENGINE page. It’s a section of a bigger piece. Nearly all of search engine marketing really only makes good logical sense. Group a whole lot of small ideas /pages into bigger groups.

Those are the things that are big. There are plenty of specifics like heading tags, key word locations, keyword densities and blah blah blah. We understand about it. We do it. We make it happen for the onsite net optimization.